Kendra Holliday: Sex and Relationship Consultant

Q: How much is a consultation?

Kendra Holliday is here to help

A: My rate is $200/hr. Please review the info posted on this website before contacting me for payment options and other details.


Q: Can we meet in-person?

A: Yes. In addition, virtual meetings are available and always an option if you aren’t in the St. Louis area.

Q: What can I expect at our initial consultation?

A: The first session is an initial consultation and is talking only, and can be done in-person, phone, facetime, Skype, or Zoom. I get to know you by asking questions regarding current life, family history, childhood history, sexual history, fantasy interests, and – most importantly – goals. I offer feedback. You are welcome to ask me anything as well. Together, we will explore life’s mysteries and what brought us together. We’ll cover a lot of ground in just one hour. Afterward, I will provide a review of what we discussed and offer some non-traditional options, suggestions, and resources.


Q: Do you offer free quickie consults for like 10 or 15 minutes?

A: No, but feel free to search for keywords on my blog The Beautiful Kind, which is full of free resources and advice, or attend one of my Sex Positive St Louis events and say hello! A lot of our events are free and public.


Professional Relationship Consultant


Q: I have really personal stuff to discuss. Can we keep it private?

A: Certainly! Confidentiality is assured.


Q: Do you take insurance?

A: I’m sorry, but I do not.


Q: What is your availability?

A: I’m available by appointment only. I can meet days, evenings, and weekends. My hours are between 8am-8pm cst (no late night appointments). Please be patient and follow my guidelines; I usually book a week or two out.

Q: Can you travel to me?

A: It’s more cost effective for you to come to St. Louis for sessions (most people can’t afford travel fees). Virtual consults are an option.


Kendra Holliday, at your service (but only if you respect the process!) photo by Stan Strembicki

Q: I’ve never met you before. You don’t know who I am. Can I have your time today, tomorrow, or maybe even right this second?

A: I’m a person, not a pizza! Please see above.


Q: Can I request an appointment via Twitter, Facebook, or text?

A: You can try, but those aren’t the best methods. I’m not that great at texting, and messages can get lost in the sea of social media. Your best bet is to fill out my contact form or email me directly: kendra@thebeautifulkind.com

Q: Are you a St. Louis escort?

A: No.

Q: Do you provide matchmaking services?

A: I’m pretty plugged in to local and national sexuality resources and am glad to connect people to what they are seeking and offer dating advice, but I’m not a matchmaking service/dating site. Please see my services page for more information about what I offer.

Q: Do you work with couples?

A: Yes, I can meet with you solo, or with your partner. I have experience with men, women, couples, transgender, triads, polyamory, kink, fetishes, disabilities, alternative lifestyles, and more.

Q: Who is Kendra Holliday?

A: In the spirit of being open and honest, my life is an open book and can be viewed at my website, The Beautiful Kind. Click here to learn more about me. As a professional and expert, I believe in transparency and invite your curiosity. I daresay that the more you learn about me, the more intriguing I become.

Listen to this 30 minute podcast interview to get a taste of who I am and what I’m all about.

I believe that as long as you take care of your obligations and duties, you can have as much fun as you want, as long as you’re not hurting others. In other words, I promote responsible hedonism and don’t have time for guilt or shame.

I’m also one of the Co-Founders of Sex Positive St. Louis, a community resource and safe environment for people in the St. Louis metro area who are interested in human sexuality.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, but strongly believe in moving forward and turning negatives into positives. I am happy to answer any questions about me that you might have.


Kendra Holliday, St Louis MO

Q: Why choose Personal Consulting over Professional Licensed Therapy?

A: I offer an alternative to traditional sex therapy. I’ve had many clients tell me they have achieved bigger breakthroughs meeting with me once or twice than they’ve had after spending months or years working with their professional therapist. They don’t feel comfortable discussing sex and related intimate issues with their therapist, and would rather speak with someone who is more on their level and not judge them. Traditional therapy certainly has its place, but it’s not the only way to address problems.

I encourage people to think outside the cage. So many people put themselves in self-imposed cages – at work, at home – then feel miserable and end up on anti-depressants.

I offer a different approach. I look past social norms and dig deeper into our human nature. Using my connections and knowledge, I offer tools and resources to examine your unique situation. I won’t necessarily solve your problems, but I will offer you the keys to step outside the cage you’ve found yourself in. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to go with your self-actualization. Our societal constraints are not conducive to self-actualization, because so many people can’t be open and honest about who they really are.

We all have a choice to be honest with ourselves. It takes courage. I am here to help.


Q: As a Personal Consultant, where did you learn about life and sexuality?

A: I have very little formal training or education as a sex consultant. All of the information and ideas I share with other people are based on self-study and 30 years of personal experience. That doesn’t mean I’m declaring, “Hey I’m sexually active, therefore I’m an expert.” If I’m curious about a fetish or lifestyle, I jump in and get firsthand experience. I like hands on learning. I have cultivated some fantastic connections and resources. My personal website is my vita. Others are able to glean from my experiences, both good and bad. I’m happy to share my personal stories if it can save others time and grief. I’ve worked hard and have had to be bold and courageous to get to where I am. Everyone deserves to be happy and accepted for who they are.

The key to happiness and health? Love, acceptance and respect.


Q: What is a surrogate partner? What is sex surrogacy?

A: A surrogate partner, also called a sex surrogate or intimacy coach, is a person who helps others overcome social and sexual issues through hands on intimacy. It is intimate. It is therapeutic. It is not entertainment. In much of the industry, a talk therapist is involved as part of a triadic model format.


Q: I’m ready to make some positive changes in my life. How do I get started?

A: First of all, do you have Cowboy Ethics? If so, then after browsing around this site (please see my reservation policy), go to the Contact page and fill out the form. I will get back to you as soon as possible to make arrangements and schedule an initial consultation. I look forward to working with you!