Relationship and Sexuality Consultant


Kendra Holliday, lover of freedom
Kendra Holliday, Sex and Relationship Consultant

March 6, 2023 update: I’m ready to make plans with clients in March, but I’ll be easing back into it, and have LOTS of inquiries to catch up on, so I’ll be limited on time replying. I’m eager to get back to my sex-positive passion. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

My name is Kendra Holliday. I’m an activist and sex educator located in St. Louis, MO.

My NSFW website is The Beautiful Kind, an empowering and enlightening resource for adults seeking to learn more about the delicious complexities of human sexuality.

I’m also Co-Founder of Sex Positive St. Louis, a local organization that allows people to explore the topic of human sexuality in a safe and shame-free manner.

This is my professional consulting website that describes the non-traditional therapy and areas of interest and expertise I call upon to help people learn more about their sexuality and how that fits into the big picture.

Listen to this 30 minute podcast interview with me to get a taste of who I am and what I’m all about.

How can I help YOU?

Looking for health and happiness?

Inexperienced or confused about something?

Interested in swinging, polyamory, kink, BDSM, or other alternative lifestyles?

Going through a breakup?

In transition? Not sure which path to take?

Do you know what you want?

Wondering why you aren’t getting laid? Stuck in a rut?

Feeling lonely?

Recently widowed? Wondering what now?

Living with a mental or physical disability?

Having relationship problems? Need some guidance?

Curious about sex work?

Searching for St Louis area sex-positive resources?

Ready to address a hangup?

Craving intimacy and connection?

Need help with your online dating profile?

EVERYONE has a fetish – do you know yours? Have you explored it?

Looking for an in-depth assessment about a very personal problem?

Want an honest conversation with someone who is open-minded and understanding?

The goal is to help you understand and feel better about yourself as a person. Confidentiality is assured.

Everyone has something to learn or teach.

I can help you work the kinks out and be a happier, healthier person. I believe in an open and honest approach that’s different from traditional therapy methods. Please browse this site, visit my Services page for more information, and contact me to get started.

Please note: I offer non-traditional sex therapy. I am not a licensed sex therapist, but I do work with several local licensed therapists and counselors. They refer clients to me for specialty topics and surrogate partner, aka sex surrogacy. I educate and will work with individuals and couples on various physical issues through surrogate partner work (aka sex surrogacy, or intimacy coach), including relationship and sex counseling and personal consulting. I’m based in St. Louis, MO, but can conduct sessions virtually for those not in the St. Louis area. Please see my FAQ page for more info.